Partner Spotlights

Spoor Electric, Inc logo

Meet the Spoor Electric Team

Since 2012, family-owned and operated Spoor Electric has been a proud trade partner of JPI and provided electrical services to a variety of JPI communities in DFW. Started in 1998 by Mike and Susan Spoor, the company specializes in multifamily electrical work, with a portfolio of over 25,000 completed units. To JPI, Spoor has contributed […]

High Tech Low Volts company logo

Meet the High-Tech Low Volts Team

During the construction process, there is no shortage of moving parts: schedules, supplies, contractors, customers – there is an endless flow of work to be done and tasks to complete. To turn chaos into checkpoints, JPI is reliant on the support of all its personnel – particularly, its trade partners.   A key relationship throughout the […]

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