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Meet the Spoor Electric Team

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Since 2012, family-owned and operated Spoor Electric has been a proud trade partner of JPI and provided electrical services to a variety of JPI communities in DFW. Started in 1998 by Mike and Susan Spoor, the company specializes in multifamily electrical work, with a portfolio of over 25,000 completed units. To JPI, Spoor has contributed service on 6,300 units, with 1,200 currently in the pipeline.  

Spoor Electric prides itself on its deep-seeded family values and commitment to quality. In an industry characterized by fast pace and high turnover, Spoor prioritizes experience – for employees, customers, and, ultimately, residents.  

“Maintaining quality with efficiency is a juggling act because everybody wants to go,” said Clayton Spoor, President of Spoor Electric. “You’ve got investors, contractors, other subcontractors – everyone wants to move forward. But you have to remember that this is a home. Someone’s going to live here.” 

Having strong relationships with our trade partners is critical to JPI’s operation. Interestingly, Spoor Electric’s relationship with JPI predates the formal establishment of either company: before Mike and Susan Spoor founded Spoor Electric, Mike’s father Charles owned his own electric company. That company worked on many projects for JPI in the late 80s – before JPI was even JPI!  

After a decade (and more) of partnership, the Spoor Electric team has become an indispensable part of the JPI community. Working together, both companies have built a stronger sense of home for DFW residents.  

“JPI was the first to call a subcontractor a trade partner,” Clayton said. “It makes you feel like you’re really doing something together. This is a hard business to be in; when companies like JPI treat you like you’re on their team, it makes it easier.”  

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