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Meet the High-Tech Low Volts Team

During the construction process, there is no shortage of moving parts: schedules, supplies, contractors, customers – there is an endless flow of work to be done and tasks to complete. To turn chaos into checkpoints, JPI is reliant on the support of all its personnel – particularly, its trade partners.  

A key relationship throughout the past few years of JPI’s operation has been with High Tech Low Volts. Since 2013, High Tech Low Volts has been providing multifamily communities in DFW with a multitude of low-voltage services, such as fire alarms, access controls, and audio installations. JPI began its relationship with HTLV in 2016 in Dallas – in the following years, HTLV has provided low-voltage services on most JPI projects.  

“The team at JPI has taught us a lot,” said Josh McCusker, Managing Partner at HTLV. “JPI is a name that every other builder and developer in DFW knows. It’s been a huge learning experience.” 

The construction of South Side Flats was High Tech Low Volts’ first experience working with an established general contractor; since then, High Tech Low Volts has expanded considerably to 40 employees, and now serves additional markets including Austin, Houston and Oklahoma. According to the company’s stewards, this success comes from outlook, not just operations: 

“Compared to other contractors,” said McCusker, “we’re using the same materials, working the same timeline, and often pulling from the same labor force. The only different thing that we can offer is our attitude toward our customers – the willingness to show up for them.” 

Like JPI, High Tech Low Volts bases its operations on clear, people-focused principles. Balancing the needs of customers and employees, and ensuring the satisfaction of both parties, is the constant goal: 

 “The foundation of High Tech Low Volts is that we build relationships,” said founder and Director of Operations Brandon Zimmerman. “We’re not just here to do a job – we want our contractors to be happy with our work, and we want our team to be happy working for us.”  

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