The JPI Experience


Our People + Our Communities

JPI builds communities with an unmatched depth of industry-specific experience, construction capabilities, and market understanding.

We do the hard work and due diligence necessary to establish a strong foundation on which to build, grow, and prosper, knowing that our capacity to develop thriving communities exists in direct relation to the support and dedication we provide to our associates and project partners.

More than just buildings or structures, we build “living experiences” with a personal touch and the feeling of home. Our best-in-class facilities feature leading-edge services and amenities that are thoughtfully designed, intentionally built, and responsive to the needs of residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

Our team is respectful, fact-driven, nimble, and expert in what we do. We take pride in our culture, intentionally cultivating relationships as well as competitive advantages—providing mindful stewardship of the time, talent, and investments of our team. As a group, we come together to connect, delight, and celebrate with gratitude, while always evaluating the next investment and inspired by the opportunity to improve with each new project.

Our Story

Established over three decades ago, JPI was founded on the principles of character, service, and operational excellence.

Our founding members sought to create a company that led, first and foremost, with a commitment to culture and values—guided by the belief that “quality attracts quality,” and bolstered by dedication and accountability.

More than thirty years later, our Owner’s Values remain as resonant as ever. Etched in stone—a symbol of JPI’s enduring resolve—these convictions speak to associates, residents, and investors alike. Influencing our present, informing our future, inspired by our past.

“When I go back and look at the last three decades, I’m probably the most proud of the team we have right now. We have the most talent I’ve ever seen … up and down in every position and discipline.”

JPI Board Member, Brad Taylor

Our Vision

JPI builds communities to enrich the lives of our associates, residents, and partners. We leverage our ideals, expertise, and a people-first approach to deliver beyond our promise.

We strive every day to be recognized by our customers as the #1 residential company in the markets we serve.

“It is our purpose to build a company that will endure for our friends and associates, that will command the respect of our peers, and that will quicken the pride of succeeding generations.


Integrity coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence will be the basis upon which to establish the standard of a company for all time, to go forth unfettered by the past, and to build a company that is as nearly ideal for its purpose as painstaking investigation and careful thought can make it.”

Community Connection

Empathy, compassion, and a commitment to service are foundational values of our company.

We honor this tradition of giving back by actively pursuing initiatives and causes that aid the larger communities in which we work and live. In partnership with local organizations, we humbly offer our time and care, striving to provide hope and support for those most in need.

Community Connection

North Texas Food Bank

Our People + Culture team spent the afternoon at the North Texas Food Bank bagging meals for local kids in the community. Through NTFB’s Child Programs, they work with schools and social service programs in a 13-county service area to distribute and serve nutritious foods to kids in need throughout the school year and the summer months. […]

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Community Connection

Feed My Starving Children

Our Design and Development team from the central region spent the day at Feed my Starving Children packing food. Feed my Starving Children is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry around the world. The group volunteered packing 38 cases of food that was shipped to Peru. To put that into perspective, the 38 cases that […]

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Community Connection

MQ Fossils

The JPI Western Region construction team at Jefferson Makers Quarters, as part of the excavation process for the project, worked with a paleontologist to review the earthworks for any historical findings. It was exciting for everyone to discover several ancient seabed fossils on our site! Our construction team assisted the Natural History Museum with the […]

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Community Connection

Canned Food Drive

JPI Associates in both regions of the company organized a canned food drive to help stock our local food banks and support community members in need. We are incredibly proud to report that JPI Associates contributed 2,353 pounds of canned food between the San Diego and North Texas Food Banks. This contribution equates to 1,960 […]

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