Land Acquisition and Development

Throughout our history, our teams have delivered more than 355 multifamily complexes consisting of over 107,000 homes. Our reach has extended to 141 cities in 27 states, with total value in the excess of $14.6 billion.

These numbers paint a picture of experience, but the true color comes from our deep engagement in our dedicated markets of Dallas-Fort Worth and Southern California. By showing up every day, nurturing relationships, and establishing trust, we are proud to have become the developer/builder of choice for partners looking to make a positive impact in their communities.


We maintain established, strategic relationships with a diverse group of capital partners, backed by bonds formed over years of successful partnerships. These alliances strengthen our understanding of capital markets, keeping our processes creative and competitive to maximize each party’s investment.


Through market research, due diligence, and partnerships with a full suite of experienced design professionals, our teams envision modern, inviting, amenity-rich, and people-first communities that deliver on the JPI promise.

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