Our People

Ryan Chiriboga

Director, Affordable Capital Markets

The son of a City Finance Director, Ryan has always had a passion for the municipal bond market. This led him to learn the market as a local government financial advisor and bond underwriter across the states of California, Arizona, and Texas.

As Director of Affordable Capital Markets, Ryan manages JPI’s connection to the municipal bond market and capital-raising opportunities that benefit local governments, residents, and the company’s mission. Partnering with local governments creates new relationships and significant growth opportunities for JPI.

Prior to joining JPI, Ryan worked for a private equity firm that originated and purchased bond-funded assets.

Ryan attended Pennsylvania State University, majoring in economics, and then pursued a master’s in economics at San Diego State University.

Outside of the office, Ryan enjoys sand volleyball, walking his two Rhodesian ridgebacks, and all the time he can get with his wife, Cara, and his daughter, Lexi.

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