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MQ Fossils

The JPI Western Region construction team at Jefferson Makers Quarters, as part of the excavation process for the project, worked with a paleontologist to review the earthworks for any historical findings. It was exciting for everyone to discover several ancient seabed fossils on our site! Our construction team assisted the Natural History Museum with the discovery and delivery of the ancient seabed fossils. According to the paleontologists these fossils were about 3 million years old, embedded in soils that had never been disturbed, and 15- 45 feet below modern structures. 

Once the paleontologist procured the fossils to be delivered to the Natural History Museum, they allowed JPI to keep the remaining fossils. In turn, the Maker’s Quarters construction team donated them to two local San Diego Schools for students to enjoy and learn from. The principal, teachers, and students from these schools were appreciative of the donations to their school. The team was happy to make such an exciting contribution to the education of local students.

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