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Meet Sang Park

Sang joined JPI in 2021, and currently serves as a Senior Project Manager in the Central Region. To the Construction team, he brings extensive experience in third-party contracting and a diverse project portfolio in the NYC & DFW markets. High-end interiors, ground-up estates, commercial, residential, & mid-rise work are just a few products in his wheelhouse. Before joining JPI, he served as a CARES Team Member for Apartment Life at Jefferson Stonebriar, where he was introduced to the Jefferson brand and the JPI team.  

Sang’s daily work consists largely of driving production and managing construction on projects in various stages – but he has found this work to be focused on people as much as the physical processes involved. With each project, he analyzes the different personalities, strengths, and development areas of his employees, and creates the most effective teams possible — as projects advance, he continues to manage these teams’ operations and oversee their progress. “People management can be even more necessary than technical skills at times,” Sang says. “It’s being able to get the most out of the people you work with, for, and under.” 

For Sang, what makes the construction industry exciting is also what makes it challenging: people will always be building, especially in a prominent market like DFW; but constant need generates constant change and keeping up with new processes is becoming increasingly difficult. However, Sang is confident in JPI’s ability to weather such a challenge. “In today’s market,” says Sang, “we see a lot of hesitation & burnout – from design consultants, trade partners, and even your own team members. What sets JPI apart is our ability to adapt when necessary. I think we are at the forefront of leveraging industry changes in the multifamily game.”  

This month, Sang starts an exciting new journey: getting his EMBA from Baylor University! Through JPI’s education reimbursement plan, he will have the opportunity to continue his business education in tandem with his role as Senior Project Manager.  

To aspiring Project Managers, Sang leaves a word of advice: “When it comes to project management, it’s a 24/7 job. For me, the hardest part is taking a step back and realizing that you’re only human – project management doesn’t ever stop, but you must figure out how to maximize your time and prioritize high-impact items. Otherwise, you’ll lose sight of the goal and find yourself in a professional rut.”  


Q: If you could be on any reality TV show, which would you choose?  

A: “MTV Cribs.” The high-end residence shown in the Mariah Carey episode was done by a former employer of mine!  

Q: What book or movie has changed your life the most? 

A: “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel helped me answer a lot of faith-based questions growing up.  Faith is the foundation of my life both personally & professionally it has helped me navigate the challenging world we live in. 

Q: What song could you listen to all day long? 

A: “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake is my go-to jam. The fascinating concept of a mirror which projects your true reflection can apply to a person, place, thing, or passion. That resonates deeply with my life & professional experience.  

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