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Meet Ryan Dauer

For the past year, Ryan has been a leading force in growing JPI’s Affordable Housing department and managing the company’s transition into the affordable sector as Affordable Housing Development Manager. With an extensive background in mortgage lending and tax credit development, he works to source, develop, and close on tax credit developments. 

In his role as Affordable Housing Development Manager, Ryan sees affordable developments from beginning to end. “The most exciting thing to me,” Ryan said, “is seeing the progress from a raw plot of land to a finished complex – when you see the sparkle on the face of a resident. It’s giving people the opportunity to have a safe, quality place to live that they can afford.”  

Tax credit developments differ from JPI’s other projects in a variety of ways – chief of these is the level of coordination needed not only between JPI’s many departments, but between the company and the communities in need. JPI’s affordable communities are brought to life in partnership with the cities in which they are built – this adds an increased sense of opportunity and responsibility. As these projects cycle through applications, development, construction, and stabilization, the Affordable team must manage the needs of the communities at hand, the associates and trade partners involved, and the legal standards in place.  

To effectively coordinate so many moving pieces, Ryan focuses on building strong relationships: “when it comes to working with these cities, it’s about building a rapport. That way, you’re able to communicate clearly to achieve what you want: a community that serves the people in need. We’re all one team, shooting for the same goal. My question is always, ‘how can I use my skills and my relationships to help the development move forward?’”  

The Affordable team has closed four tax credit properties so far and has more coming through the pipeline.  


Q: Would you rather live where it only snows, or where the temperature never falls below 100 degrees?  

A: Where the temperature never falls below 100 degrees. Snow would be fun for a couple months, but not forever.  

Q: If you could change places with anyone in the world, who would it be? Why?  

A: I would trade places with Scottie Scheffler, the PGA Tour golfer who’s number one in the world right now. Just to experience the things he gets to do, week in and week out.  

Q: What is one skill that you think everyone should have?  

A: To be fast to listen and slow to speak. When you listen first, you can learn the background about situations that may later influence your direction.  

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