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Meet John Cazares

John Cazares family portrait

For the past six years, John Cazares has diligently served JPI as a member of the Financial Planning and Analysis team. With a background in marketing and finance, John currently serves as a Senior FP&A Associate, where he facilitates revenue forecasts and drives the daily transactions of the company.

JPI’s FP&A team is responsible for three key components of the company’s finances: budgeting, forecasting, and the business plan; in layman’s terms, what JPI’s accomplishing today – and what it stands to accomplish in the future.

According to John, FP&A brings a uniquely critical mindset to JPI: “what we do in FP&A is very analytical. You have to dig in and go behind the numbers – tell the story of what’s going on.”

Telling this story is FP&A ‘s most crucial function: by gathering data from across the organization, and pulling a narrative out of it, the FP&A team turns information into perspective. This perspective is vital for the function of JPI’s Board of Directors, its Executive Leadership Team, and all its associates.

For John, the FP&A team has provided an incredible opportunity for individual and professional development: “I’ve been able to take on new assignments over the years and grow myself – put myself out there more, take more risks. It’s made me the Senior Associate I am today. I can’t be more thankful for the opportunities here at JPI.”


Q: If you had two minutes to give a speech on anything, what would your topic be?

A: Raising kids. My biggest tip is to understand what your child is going through and how they communicate – try to see the world in their eyes.

Q: Do you have a mundane superpower?

A: Memory! I seem to be the go-to person for information on things that JPI did in the past.

Q: If you could learn any skill right now, what would it be?

A: The ability to be a scratch golfer! It’s a sport that I have recently picked up, and it’s very difficult.

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