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Associate spotlight: Cori lanclos

Cori Lanclos has called JPI home for 26 years, and since day one has been drawn to the culture and people. 

“I was referred to JPI by a close church friend,” Cori said. “She told me that JPI is the best place to work, and the people are caring and kind. That’s still true today!”

In her more than two decades with JPI, Cori has served in various company capacities including administrative assistant for development, project coordinator, business analyst, payroll accountant, and a few more! 

Currently, Cori serves as Vice President of Culture and Associate Engagement and is responsible for maintaining the cornerstones of JPI’s culture and tradition – a perfect fit for someone who has lived it for so long! Cori leads JPI’s associate development, recognition, and engagement programs, as well as other initiatives.


Q: From your perspective, how has JPI changed over the years? Has anything stayed the same?

A: JPI has continued to change, which I believe is important to organizational growth.  Each change brought an opportunity to reinvent, improve and move forward.  Each change brought new faces with new ideas, which is exciting when you’ve spent many years with one organization.  

There is always something new to learn or try! What has stayed the same is the mission, values, and high standards.  The JPI community is top-notch.  Our associates are the best in the industry!  People always ask me, why stay with JPI for 26 years, and my answer is always the same: the people!

Q: What role do you serve in right now, and why is it important to you?

A: My role is VP of Culture and Associate Engagement.  The role is important, and I have the unique opportunity to connect with every associate; to touch their work life in big and small ways.  My team strives to provide a nice place to work.  

I have the opportunity to hear about our associate’s work-life experiences and provide tools, such as the IDP (Individual Development Plan), to set goals and receive feedback from leaders. I meet with associates to learn more about their JPI experiences and share that information with leadership which, in turn, improves the work environment.  

Most recently, I have started a new journey, providing associate leadership coaching.  Oh, and I get to share in JPI’s fun moments like family picnics, easter egg hunts, chili cookoffs, and holiday parties!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about JPI, or something you wish everyone knew?

A: I wish everyone knew how special JPI is and that it is special because of the people. 

 I hear how JPI culture is important to our associates, and I want to remind everyone that JPI culture is each one of us.  We are responsible for maintaining the high standards of the past and sharing that feeling with each new member of our team.  

JPI culture is respect, kindness, caring, helpfulness, and the opportunity to provide a positive impact in the world.

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