Corporate Services

In addition to our stewardship as a developer, general contractor, and investment manager, we back-up our clients and investors with a sweeping collection of corporate, financial, and legal services.

These services strengthen our team and enhance our ability to compete in the marketplace; all while achieving the best risk-adjusted returns in our dedicated markets and supporting our partners with best-in-class service.

People + Culture

United under the mission to recruit and retain associates through best-in-class internal service, our People + Culture team ensures JPI’s roster is filled with the best talent, with the strongest resources in the business. Through initiatives in Culture + Engagement, People Operations, Training + Compensation, and Communications + Marketing, we provide exceptional training and valuable benefits while recognizing accomplishments and celebrating success.

Financial Services

Backed by technology and driven by strategic vision, our financial services team provides our lenders and investors with institutional-grade financing, accounting, treasury services, compliance, risk management, legal coordination, and all other administrative expertise.

Legal Services

Equipped with real estate specific expertise, JPI manages contract requests and provides entity management, contract review, invoice tracking, and coordination with outside legal resources within our full host of legal services.

Capital Markets

We maintain established, strategic relationships with a diverse group of institutional and private capital partners, backed by bonds formed over years of successful partnerships. These alliances strengthen our understanding of capital markets, keeping our processes creative and competitive to maximize each party’s investment. We strive to understand the goals and concerns of our partners and work to provide open and transparent communication throughout the life of the investment. JPI is proud to have a track record spanning three decades of generating consistent returns for our investors across the world.

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