Our People

Mike Soto

Western Region

Director, Design Management

Since his earliest days, Mike has been drawn to speed and racing, and that has served him well in the fast-paced design world.

As Director of Design Management, Mike is responsible for oversight of JPI’s operating model for the design management department which includes site density studies, concept designs, JPI design standards, design quality control, Procore design review process, and the BIM/VDC processes during the design phase.

Mike is driven to produce a quality product for his customers and enjoys overcoming challenges in the most efficient way possible. He has over twenty years of experience in the architecture field with multiple product types ranging from podium, wrap, garden, single-family, and senior living homes.

Mike received his degree in Architecture from MTI College of Architecture & Engineering in Southern California.

In his personal time, Mike enjoys sportscar racing and competing on world-renowned racetracks throughout the country. If it moves or has wheels, he will race you with it! When not on the racetrack, Mike and his wife are either traveling or enjoying a meal at the newest foodie hotspot.

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